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Welcome to my website – and to my world. I hope you find something there that you like and will make you want to visit again.

I’ve been writing on a range of subjects since childhood. Most of my books have been self-published due to the difficulties which for a long time now have faced non-established authors in breaking into the mainstream. I’ve found the internet a useful way of making my material available to the wider public when that might not otherwise happen. Altogether I have published 23 books, most of which can be ordered from Amazon. “The Holloway Sanatorium” (which was conventionally published) is available from Egham Museum (Runnymede and District Historical Society). 

As you’ll see my interests are pretty eclectic, ranging from philosophy, theology and politics to local history/industrial archaeology (in particular traditional wind- and watermills). I make no apology for that, it’s the way I am. But please bear in mind that (a) I don’t impose my beliefs on other people, any more than I can jettison them, and (b) I’m not as right-wing as I might seem at first. 

My fictional stories tend to be political thrillers with strong elements of science fiction, and embracing the spirit of the good old-fashioned adventure yarn while setting events firmly within the context of the modern world. Most of them concern Caroline Kent, glamorous oil executive whose troubleshooting missions for International Petroleum Ltd often lead her into perilous situations where something more than the interests of her company – for whom she is not altogether happy to be working, because of the increasingly cut-throat nature of the industry – is at stake. Contemporary concerns such as environmental pollution figure large in the plots. While realistically accepting that we live in dark and violent times, the aim is to show that brave, decent types can still triumph over adversity and make the world a better place or at least prevent it from getting any worse!

If you want some background information, I was educated at Millfield School and Southampton University but have lived most of my life in the northwest Surrey/southwest London area. Apart from those mentioned above my interests include classical music and country walking. I’m not averse to meeting people for a drink and a chat from time to time. I’m a regular churchgoer but, as I said, don’t force my views on other people however strongly I feel about them.
Do click on the “Contact” link with your comments on my work, and I don’t mind if you sarcastically point out continuity errors etc., because that’s half the fun of reviewing. I can take it!

Best Wishes.

Updated July 2020

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